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50 Reasons Why You Should Join CashCrate

What is CashCrate:

CashCrate is referred to as a get paid to site. Advertising Companies use sites like cashCrate to allow people to try their products and services and they want to pay you for sharing your opinions simply by answering questions through surveys and offers. When you join CashCrate, they simply pass that money on to you. 

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Many people continuously look online for ways to make money. If you are one of these people looking to get rich then CashCrate isn't exactly for you. You won't get rich but you might want to plan on getting a few extra piggy banks to throw your money in.

Here are 50 Reasons Why You Should Join CashCrate:

1. It is free to join and doesn't cost you a dime.
2. Get a $1.00 sign-up bonus!
3. Minimum Payout is $20.00
4. 2 tier referral Program
5. Get paid to shop -cash back
6. Earn $.03 each day checking in
7. Earn $.50 each month for checking in without missing a day 
8. Earn $.10 each day with the "paid to search tool bar"
9. Play games at CashCrate to win points for prizes
10. Spend points on "Crates, The Game" to win up to $1,000
11. Participate in Contests to win more money & prizes
12. They have one of the best support systems 
13. The Forum has many experienced members that share their knowledge
14. Get Referrals and make money while you sleep
15. You only have to be 13 years or older to join
16. Get paid on the 15th each month
17. Watch Videos and get paid
18. Complete Cash Tasks and get paid
19. Get paid direct deposit when you refer 50 U.S active people
20. Earn up to 30% from first level referrals, and 20% second level referrals
21. CashCrate Sends out thousands of checks to their members each month
22. Share your referral ID with the world by creating a blog/site
23. Every check you get in the mail you can upload it to the payment wall/get 20 points
24. Make some good friends and share ideas
25. Be your own boss
26. Make money from your own computer
27. Get paid to do surveys and from the comfort of your home
28. Get the best tips on CashCrate
29. Participate in Forum Contests (usually around holidays)
30. Complete Bonus point offers and earn more points.
31. Post images of your check on your site to show others it's not a scam
32. Upload videos to Youtube and other places to get more referrals
33. Use this list to help you write your CashCrate articles
34. CashCrate has over 4 million members
35. Thousands of dollars paid out each month
36. Promote your own Referral Link on other forums
37. They have promotional tools like banners, and QR codes for flyers
38. It is better than begging your parents for money
39. It is better than getting paid to wash dishes
40. It is better than mowing peoples yards
41. Use the money to buy whatever you want
42. Buy your girl friend or wife some flowers with the money you earned
43. Use the money to pay off student fees
44. It is better than a paper route
45. It is better than clicking ads
46. Use the money to fill up your gas tank
47. Use the money you earned and invest it to make more!
48. Get paid to do bonus offers/surveys
49. Option to have your money sent to Paypal
50. It's the only get paid to site online that cares more about their members than making money.

I have been a member since 2011 and so far I have made what the banner shows you. It is always kept up to date and is a great way to share with other people how much you have earned. You can click my earnings banner and join today!

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