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A Single Mom's Triumph
Cash Crate had a top 50 Holiday contest that went on from November 1- December 10. The top 50 winners got to pick a prize for their winning. I looked through the prizes making mental note of the one I would like in case I was a winner. The winner was determined by how many surveys you did as to whether you would win. the contest was announced last week but I didn't win at all from them!! However, on one of the cash crate surveys I did I was invited to join a private survey panel. In answering one of the surveys my name was entered into a drawing at winning the same prize I was hoping to win from cash crate. Last Friday in my email I was notified that I was the winner of that same prize.

The reason I call it A single mom's Triumph is because I believe I fought against poverty most of my life and this is a start to my triumph not only in closing the chapter of poverty by making a monthly paycheck and kissing being poor good bye. But I was one who never won anything before in a contest this is also a single mom's triumph to Victory!!

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