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A single moms story
I have been a single mom since 2003 when I left my husband who was abusing me and our daughter. I knew that things would be tight but I didn't want my daughter to grow up in the same abusive surroundings I did. I lost my job when I used to work at a daycare and was unemployed for 7 years. It broke my heart that I had to go on food stamps which was something I never done. what broke my heart even more was I was poor and made nothing. I knew this was not a fight I was going to give up and I continued the fight. I always loved giving my thoughts about the world, things I buy everyday so I began to think hey why not do a work at home job like that. I came across a blog about cash crate.

I first did my homework after working for a make up company that I learned was a scam I was not about to do a work at home job again without checking it out. I looked up cash crate on the better Business Bureau checked their rating and complaint record first. they had a perfect record so I joined. I started out with my first paycheck of $32.25. 

I was so excited . Because of Cashcrate My daughter can play basketball this year. Shes wanted to play since 2nd grade but I had no money to let her. that was until this year. Also cash crate allowed me to give my daughter Christmas. A single mom who was poor for 7 years couldn't afford to get Rylee presents so the tears came from my eyes when my paycheck came and God worked it out so Rylee could have Christmas for the first time since she was little.

 I am amazed on what Cashcrate has done for this single mom who has been fighting the good fight of Faith to stand strong in my stance about Rylee and my needs being provided for. that I am becoming self sufficient. Yes I am still on food stamps but I am not relying on them to provide for me and my daughter. Perhaps one day I can look back and say working for cash crate allowed a single mom to get off food stamps! She became a strong and independent woman who stands on her own two feet and made a better life for not only herself but also her child.

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