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Am I greedy?
So today someone asked me in a condescending manner "how old are you? Are you just plain greedy?"

I simply apologized and told them "I'm sorry, I assumed you wanted to learn how to make some money"

What I am getting at is, I had someone sign up under me as a referral for cashcrate and I have my "welcome message set up that way when anyone new joins cashcrate under me everyone receives the same message. It simply says 

"hi, welcome to Cashcrate, if you need any help what so ever making money on this site you can contact me composing a message here or finding me in the forum, my user name is Jehobith".  

The question that stuck in my mind was "Are you greedy?" The answer is no. No I am not greedy at all in fact I am just as broke trying to make a dollar just like anyone else who is trying to make money online. If I was greedy I would be selfish and would not have created this site. This site isn't just about trying to get referrals. This site is designed to help new cashcrate members as well. I probably spend more of my time trying to think of ways to help other members than to find selfish ways to gain referrals. Some people are in it for the money and only the money. Sure, the whole point is about making money but it is not all I care about. I was told by a wise man once that helping those in need will go a long way because you will gain not only a friend but their respect and loyalty.

I get into some heated debates with other members of cashcrate. They just don't see things like I do. Sure, I can say they are some of the most success-full money makers online and they are good or even better at what they do than I am but what I am trying to do is establish a safe haven for those who sign up and have a place to come to when they need guidance and help. How many Cashcrate promoting sites have you visited lately that all they care about is giving you a sales pitch to sucker you in hoping that you sign up, and when you do sign up where are they when you need help. It is pure selfishness on their part. 

I want to take my Referrer for example. The first thing I did when I joined Cashcrate was I contacted my referrer. I did not get a reply back. I didn't even get a damn welcome message! So today when I was asked, "are you greedy" I really took that to heart. Because if I was greedy I sure in the hell wouldn't have wasted my money on buying a domain name called cashcratetips.us I had my referrals and already signed up members of cashcrate in mind when I decided to make this site.

One of my new friends I made on CC told me, "I wish I could have signed up under you as a referral because my referrer won't even help me." I knew right then and there when she told me that, that I was doing the right thing.

For the money hungry selfish ones that read this and think it's all about money and getting referrals are full of shit because you and I will never see eye to eye. If you were that money hungry why not encourage your referrals a little bit? why not create site dedicated to them and have weekly meetings to talk about which offers or surveys approved and what measures you took to complete them?

If you I was greedy I would do exactly what the other Cashcrate Gurus are doing and that is creating the same old "how to make money cashcrate" site. Maybe I am greedy.

Maybe I am greedy of wanting to help my referrals. Maybe I am greedy of being broke, barely able to pay my damn bills. Living month to month on a thread. To the person that asked me "are you greedy?" The answer you want is yes but my the answer I am going to give you is that I am greedy enough to want to help you make money on a site that works. I should say it only works if you want to do the work.

My philosophy when it comes to my referrals is "if you don't succeed, It's because I failed you and I don't succeed."

Sometimes it is easier to throw in the tow or hope that there is a magical automated button we can push that will make us rich online. But sometimes it is easier to train and show people how it is done. You can either be the kind of referrer that suckers people in and forget they even exist, or you can be the kind of referrer that invites them over and embraces there presence and go out of your way to provide all the knowledge you can to help them succeed. 

My final thoughts on the question am I greedy? The answer is NO I am not greedy. You will find out in the online money making scene who is greedy and who is not.

If I bored you I am sorry. Thank you for reading my blog article.

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