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Benefits of completing particular offers
You are probably thinking what other possible benefits can I possibly get besides the money cashcrate gives me for completing the offer. I am going to discuss some offers that I personally did that benefited me in more ways than just the money.

Offer #1
OfferVistaPrint$4.25confirmedDecember 7, 2012, 1:03am
When I completed the offer VistaPrint I didn't only earn $4.25 I received 250 free business cards! Why would I want business cards? You can use these business cards to help promote cashcrate and gain more referrals. When you create these business cards keep in mind not to put your cashcrate referral link directly on the card. Instead if you have a website where you promote cashcrate put that website on the business card instead.

Keep it simple. I suggest only putting your website on the card put a keyword phrase on the card like "get paid to make money online" or "get paid to complete offers and surveys online"

Do not put your personal address or name on the card, instead use these input fields when creating your card for getting extra information out about your website or "attention grabbers".

You only have to pay for the shipping and handling on this offer and a credit card is required to pay for that or you can use paypal I think through VistaPrint.

Where can you use these business cards is really a personal preference but lets say each time you go to the grocery store you could randomly pass em out to people or you could set up a booth at your next county fair and promote cashcrate with business cards and such.

You could also go into a library and leave a card at each computer that isn't being occupied and lay it on the keyboard. It is really up to you to be creative.

Offer #2
OfferAudible.com80 ptsconfirmedDecember 6, 2012, 12:24pm

I found offer Audible.com in the "get points" section and these points can be used to play games at cashcrate or "crates the game" which you can spend points for a chance to automatically win instant cashcrate cash. 

One of the benefits I found completing this offer is you can try Audible.com for 30 days free. Simply provide your credit card information and you will receive one free credit to use towards your free audio book.

I used my free credit on a Search engine optomization audio book. The benefit to this is I learned how to optomize my website "this website you are on now" a whole lot better than what it was before I did this offer! They had other similar audio books there.

It took me about two weeks to receive my 80 points but I received my audio book instantly. 


Keep and eye on offers like these. Don't just rush through the offer but pay attention when you are on the offer's website. They just may have an extra golden nugget opportunity to help you succeed with Cashcrate!
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