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Cash Crate Gives single mom ultimate makeover
Get Paid To Do Free Offers! I didn't struggle with my weight until the age of 14 when my dad was terminally ill with brain cancer. My once used to be athlete was long gone. What free time I did have was spent helping take care of my dad so my mom could have a break. We took numerous hospital trips to take my dad. so food was fast and on the go. At age 15 years old my father passed away. I had thought the stress would be gone but it was not. All the sudden I was a teenager without a dad. the adjustment was to much I began to eat extra food. my weight wasn't noticable at first but before I knew it my nice 5'4 inches tall and 125 pound frame by 1996 shot up to 250+ pounds and a size 26W. I was very ashamed. I began to do something about it. last January I dropped down to 220 pounds. I was by no means over the hurdle. I was ashamed a single mom with no income and I knew I needed to do something. so I began to look for work at home jobs. That is when I came across cash crate. Cash crate really built up my confidence and made my life fullfilled. I could provide for the needs of myself and my child. I wouldn't have to rely on my parents to supprt me. That confidence helped me in my eating too. I no longer needed the extra food and began to make a complete change in my eating habits.

Yesterday I was overjoyed when I went to my closet and had to get rid of my extra large clothes because they were way to big. I have lost 18 pounds so far and feeling great. I took some of my earnings from cash crate to shop for new clothes in my new size. Cash crate gave me the ultimate makeover not only on the outside with my weight loss and my appearance but on the inside as well. Cash crate has given me two things I have never had Confidence and a renewed hope . This is something I have never experinced.

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Get Paid To Do Free Offers!
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