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Cashcrate compared to others
If you are a member of Cashcrate perhaps you are also familiar with other get paid to sites like Inbox Dollars, CashDazzle, or whatever the hell the other ones are.

What they all have in common is they provide their users with pretty much the same offers and surveys. I took a gander at inbox dollars and sure enough it's like a copy cat site compared to cashcrate. Same offers and surveys. CashDazzle is the same way.

Here is what I think. I am already a member of one get paid to site, why in the hell would I want to go join another similar get paid to site that has the same offers and surveys that I just completed over at Cashcrate?!

Once you do an offer or survey on one site and you go to log into your other get paid to site for example 'inbox dollars' and you try to do the same offer you just did over at Cashcrate, guess what? it's not going to work! The advertising company is still the same advertising company no matter how you look at it.

It's always best to stick with only one 'get paid to site' Unless they absolutely give you an unique way to make money than any other gpt site.

Sure yea, I joined CashDazzle and earned 10.00 dollars pretty quick from the slot game and soon to find out I found myself going to the offers page to earn more credits or whatever they call them and on the offers page it had the exact same damn advertising offers that I just did over at Cashcrate. So I quit that site right away and told myself to just stick with Cashcrate.

I just think it is crazy to join multiple get paid to sites. I want to read what others think about this one. It is most likely a touchy subject I am dabbing myself into. Keep in mind, These are my opinions and I am not promoting these other get paid to sites. cashcrate is my first choice over any other competition out there.
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