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Easy Money On Cashcrate
Cashcrate is a Get Paid To site and it is one of the best. 
It is so easy to make money and this is another reason why…. 
You can check in every day and get 3 cents…. I know it does not sound like much but that is almost a dollar in a month and you get an extra 50 cents if you check in every day. So that is about 1.50. Also you can search to get money and you get one cent per search and you are allowed ten a day, so that is 10 cents a day.

So that is about 3 dollars. For doing almost nothing.. you get 4.50 and you have 15.50 to get your check for that month. Now you can do the daily surveys each and every day… So you get 6.95..Which if you do everyday, you get 208.5 every month. Now you can do bonus surveys and survey center which is easy and it depends on each person… but it is an extra chunk of change. You can also get points form offers(every dollar you make on offers equals one point) and there is also a get points.. where you can do offers or surveys or videos and get points. With these points.. you can get more points by playing games… or you can play Crates the game for 5 points and if you pick a winning crate you can get money from .1 cents to 1000 dollars!!!!! This is easy money for getting 20 bucks a month just to get a check. I highly recommend to join to get extra cash in the pocket.

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