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Games at Cashcrate
Cashcrate has a nice selection of addictive fun games that you can play if you get burned out on doing surveys and offers. They have a total of 12 and my favorite is "Blocks"

If you like to play online games that pay you in points you can redeem these points for prizes. They have a huge selection of prizes!  The newest game Cashcrate added is called

"Crates the game" 
This game cost 5 points each time you play but the best part is that
Prizes range from 1 cent to $1,000, all you have to do is pick a winning crate!

Prize winnings are automatically added to your CashCrate account instantly.
The games at caschrate also have tournaments you can enter and pays you in points if you place in the top. There are some very skilled players so watch out!

if you haven't already signed up click here and check out the games on cashcrate.
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