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Is cashcrate a scam?

I get so damn tired of reading on the internet about whether or not is cashcrate a scam.
People always saying "yea right, I'm not signing up for that stupid site" or "it's a scam, they make you sign up on offers and use your credit cards"

I am going to set this straight. Cashcrate is NOT a scam period! They don't make any of their members do anything they do not want to do. If you decide to do an offer or survey that requires you to use your credit card that is your choice. The offers and surveys provided by Cashcrate are actual advertisers who invest their time and money into sites like Cashcrate and other get paid to sites. Cashcrate has been around for years now with over 
4 million users and I do not think they are going to go out of there way to ruin their reputation by not researching each advertiser. The advertisers have just as much to lose if it was a scam.

Do you know why people think cashcrate is a scam?

I will tell you why, it is because they do not complete the offer or survey correctly!
They just rush through it as fast as they can and expect to be paid. Ironic isn't? These are the ones who are actually scamming the system. You actually have to do some work and take your time doing the offers and surveys if you want to make money online at cashcrate.

People who think Cashcrate is a scam is just bashing the site because they either used there credit card in an offer and didn't follow through with the rest of the requirements to get paid by cashcrate. Most people don't take the time to read and follow instructions very well. If you don't have the patience to do this kind of work then I am sorry, It is not for you. I guess you could resort to get paid to click sites but you are going to be doing a lot of clicking ads just to get a dollar.

With Cashcrate you can EASILY make minimum cash payout which is $20.00 in a single day!

People are still going to Google "is cashcrate a scam" Most of the reviews you are going to find is going to tell you the same thing that it is not a scam. The truth about Cashcrate is, is that with over 4 million members who trust them and get paid to do surveys and offers on a regular basis will tell you exactly what I am telling you.

Is Cashcrate a scam?

The answer is NO! sign up and find out for yourself and for heaven sakes put some money in your pockets today, its almost Christmas! Click here to sign up
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