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Make extra money for Christmas
Extra money for Christmas is needed by everyone. Can you imagine being able to spend a few extra hundred dollars this holiday season? What would you do with it and who would you spend it on? Would you buy something for yourself or your loved ones? If you are interested in learning how to make over $100 a month then continue reading. 

There are plenty of offers on Cashcrate that pay you over $1.00 each. This means that by completing just a few offers each day you can easily earn $100 or more over the next couple months. I want to use this space not to show you what I have earned, but to tell you how to get started and make the money others are making online. I want you to have the money for Christmas that others have. It is a lot easier than you might think. The best part is that its absolutely 100% free. 

The first step is to get started and sign up for Cashcrate. This is not only the first step to making money online but it also shows that you are ready. Remember that most fail at online ventures because they fail to take action. By following through with the following steps you will earn your first $20 in less than a week. This means that you will get a check from Cashcrate and you will be on the road to financial relief this holiday season. 

Steps that you need to take to complete your first offer. 

1. Sign up by clickinghere
2. Sort the offers by 100% free and rating. This puts the offers that are free and credit more often on the page for you to see. 
3. Click the first offer. Here you need to fill out the form with 100% truthful information. Using false names, numbers and addresses will get you banned from Cashcrate. 
4. Click yes/no on the following offers. Only click yes on offers that you are interested in. There is a skip or pass option on some pages. Also, sometimes you need to choose yes to at least one offer. Not to worry you can skip it on the next page. 
5. When you reach the Silver Offers/Congratulations page you are finished. Some people believe that you need to click a couple offers on the next few pages. The jury is still out on this though. 
6. Go back to Cashcratehomepage and click submit. 
7. Rinse and Repeat. 

Some helpful hints. 

1. Clear cookies between offers. 

2. Use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome is a great browser but it has been my experience that offers do not credit as often when using it. 
3. Sign into Cashcrate each and every day to earn your check in bonus. Also visit the forum to learn from others. 

Ready to start making extra money for Christmas? click the banner below to get started right now!
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