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Make Money Online
Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

No one said that making money online would be easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and time to succeed. What makes this a challenge for most people that dive in head first is not knowing exactly what steps to take to get results.

From my experience I have tried PTC (pay to click) sites. I have tried affiliate marketing where you find a product you think will sell but the trick is to find a product that is high in demand and target an audience who is going to make conversions for you. Affiliate marketing was NOT my thing. I failed miserably and gave up. PTC sites are a waste of time and it seems to take forever just to make payout on most sites. 

I'm not going to go into detail about what sites I have signed up for or how I am making money online. I just was to express my opinions and thoughts in general about the subject.

What I find to be a challenge for myself and maybe you have experienced this from time to time is the lack of motivation to promote, write articles, socialize with others in the same relevant fields. I find it frustrating when All the hard work I put into promotion and not seeing any results. I think everyone can relate to this. I have learned that if what you are doing isn't working don't look back and try to figure out why. This will just give you a big headache. Instead just move forward and try something else until you start getting the results you are after.

When I first began my journey to make money online I did what most people probably have done and Google "how to make money online" or similar. Most of the search results bring up reviews of money making sites and videos. This is a marketing technique used to drive people to these sites because these people are wanting you to sign up as there referral. When it comes down to it. This is what myself, you, and many others are constantly finding to be a challenge in the aspect of promoting either our website, blog or YouTube Videos online. 

If you are just starting out trying to make some money on the internet I would personally do some research to find out which money making sites are legit. I prefer to make money online through "get paid to" sites. I feel they pay the most and are the easiest way to make a buck for very little time. Which I assume if you are reading this article and you found this site, it is very clear which money making site I am a member of and why I go to the extent to self promote because the money I make is real and is free to do so, less headaches in the end compared to other money making methods on the internet.

Is it possible that you can get rich very quick making money online? I am sure you can and I don't know anyone personally that has. I am sure finding the right niche and the right audience with little to none competition you could make a descent amount of cash.

There is a saying that goes "you have to spend money to make money" but what if you don't have any money to start with? 

This is where you can use the internet to your advantage and Google "how to make money online for free" There are hundreds or thousands of ways to make money online but none of them are truly free. The best ones are going to be free to join and pay you for the work they offer. The best ones are not going to charge you money to make money. The work will be free, and most of them will have a referral program so you can start referring others right away by writing articles or creating a blog/website to do so.

If you don't have any money to start your online choice of business why not join a "get paid to" site where you can earn the money you need this way you will never have to spend a dime out of your own pocket. Make money to make money instead of spending money to do so.

If you are into getting people to buy a product you should make sure you know everything about the product and write unique relevant review articles on the subject so you can get the best conversions. A conversion is when you have succeeded in getting someones attention who read your review and clicked on your referral link to buy the product. Success! 

Frustration can be overwhelming because finding your niche isn't always going to be easy. For some it can be challenging and for others it will be like finding a golden nugget instantly. No matter what way you are trying to make money online you should keep in mind that failing is not a bad thing. Learn from it and try something else until you find what works for you.

I can say from experience that I have failed more times than I have had any success and I always keep trying different ideas until I find what works. The challenges you face will be rewarding in the end. This concludes my thoughts on making money online.

In make money online part 2 I will discuss some of the ways you can earn extra cash on the internet.

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