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Member Sponsored Contest!
On December 9th, 2012 I was trying to come up with an idea of how I could possibly help others out getting referrals. It didn't take long until I realized I could use my own site to allow other cashcrate members find referrals.

So I came up with my very own member sponsored contest that would help cashcrate, it's members and myself. For members to participate they had to go to http://www.facebook/cashcrate an simply click the 'like us' button and provide there cashcrate user name to be entered into the contest. The amount of people who participated was amazing. I thank each and everyone of you who did. 

Most importantly, The winners of the contest congratulations on winning!

Here is the list of winners:

First Place: MBroz - won An unique original article
written about one keyword about cashcrate of your
choice (600 words) I'm not the best article writer
but I promise you it will be 100% original hand written
not 'spinned' by Jehobith. Plus a 728x90 banner in the
top header!

Second Place: omshankar mudgal - won 'your earnings banner!' 1 month on
cashcratetips.us home page. under where it says:
"Don't believe me? Take a look at this earnings banner
Third Place: krystaline henderson - won 728x90 banner! 1 month on
cashcratetips.us home page. Under 'Recent Posts'.

Fourth Place: cm24 - won 125X125 banner! 1 month on
cashcratetips.us on the 'click for tips' page at the

Fifth Place: HBELL518 - won 125x125 banner! 1 month on
cashcratetips.us inside the "competition" blog entry.

The contest ended on December 25th, 2012 and what a great way to start off Christmas for the above winners. Who knows what are next member sponsored contest will be about. If you have any ideas you would like to share please add your comments below!
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