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10:26 AM
My first live contest experience
So today is December 17th, 2012

Today for the first time on Cashcrate I decided to participate in a live contest they were having. I logged in just in time for the trivia and let me tell ya "I bombed it BIG time" Those other members who are used to the live contests were getting those answers right but you have to be a fast typist and read the question fast if you expect to win a cash prize.

I won't lie, I was getting so frustrated because I was getting the answers right, I was typing my fingers off trying to win. I just wasn't fast enough to hit that enter button lol. I managed to get one trivia question from the live contest right. It was "who was peter pans enemy" or something like that. I typed as fast as I could and put "Captain Hook" as my answer and hit that enter button as fast as I could thinking at the same time that "yea, someone probably already beat me to this question to because they are faster than me" hahaha Not this time, 

This time a pop up screen showed up telling me congratulations and that I earned 10 cents.

Ten cents might not sound like a lot to you but during this whole live contest a lot of the trivia questions had cash rewards ranging from 10 cents to 20.00 dollars! hell, if you won 20 dollars you could cash out instantly and get a check! yea I know that's so awesome I wish I was fast enough to have answered all of those damn questions its pathetic. I am a sore loser when it comes to playing trivia and other games I finally had to walk away from the computer, smoke a cig and when I came back that's when I finally got a trivia question right.

I look forward to more live contests from Cashcrate so I can redeem myself and make a name for myself that everyone remembers.

If you would like more information on the live contests held over at cashcrate you can click my banner below and it will take you to the site. Thank you for reading another boring blog by yours truly!


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