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Setting Goals
During the month of November I was looking back at my last check and it was worth around 29.00 I told myself I want to do better. You can't buy a lot with 29.00 dollars.

During the month of November when I reached the $20.00 payout minimum I was excited! And I reminded myself "no this is pocket change! compared to what I see others making" So I went into my account and changed my payment settings to $25.00 dollars. By changing this to 25.00 I knew I had to get that much in order to receive a check. It made me want to work harder to get to 25.00 and It really didn't take as long as I thought. When I reached $25.00 I set my pay out to $30.00 dollars.

Every time I made 5 dollars I set it 5 dollars higher. Currently I am at 74.02 and by the time you are done reading this I hope to be at $80.00 dollars. I don't want to set a really high goal say 500.00 dollars, I will lose my motivation. Earning money in 5 dollar increments really does go by fast. I know when I get to 100 dollars I'm going to freak out because it is the most I will have ever earned on cashcrate.

I feel that setting personal goals is the way to go if you work hard at it. I look at some of the other members on cashcrate who have earned thousands of dollars and I keep telling myself I can do that. I know it.

So if any this has inspired you to work harder and set your own personal goals then I have done my job today helping those out in need.

Oh by the way....here is my Earnings banner I wanted to show you how much I earned as of this date!

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