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Stay at home dads
We all know the economy right out sucks. The government says it is getting better and there are less people on unemployment as of today. What the government doesn't tell you is that the unemployment rate is only low because of how many people have been kicked off of it. It is not because they actually found a job.

There are a lot of stay at home moms out there. Did you know there is a such thing as stay at home single dads, perhaps dads with disabilities or stay at home dads who just 'cannot find work'!

It's pretty obvious I guess where I am going with this. With all the online internet jobs out there many stay at home dads can make money online just like any stay at home mom does. Looking for the right job is really a no brainer if you are reading this article and you found this site. I am currently a stay at home dad and I own this site. I made this site because When I first started out looking on the internet I didn't see no cashcrate tips. I didn't find any website that was actually there to even help there referrals who sign up the least.

Is this really about me trying to get some referrals? Hoping that someone who reads this will 
click my referral link? No..not really. I want to do the opposite of what all the other sites are doing. As a stay at home dad who gets paid to do offers and surveys I can live with that. I can do that work myself instead of relying on referrals to do it for me. Sure I welcome anyone who wants to sign up under me its a great accomplishment to have more referrals and I bet your ass you wont find any other site online Promoting cashcrate who will help out there referrals like I do!

Take this as a final tip from a stay at home dad.

If you work hard. really really hard...don't give up..because I keep telling myself this everyday..Even when I get turned down from a job interview or it be " I'm sorry, all of our positions are full at this time" 

Don't tell yourself to give UP EVER! Because at cashcrate.com They always have positions open for stay at home dads.

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