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Would You Do This For Free Money?

Would you take a 30 minute survey if it paid $7.14 ? I took a screenshot to show all you who might be skeptical or un-motivated to take surveys online and get paid for it. A job is a job, but at my real life job; if I shared my opinions I would probably get fired lol. Getting paid to take surveys from home is a job too, and YOU CAN'T get fired for sharing your opinions or giving your two cents.

Surveys can pay your internet bill. A lot of people do this. If I am going to pay my internet bill I might as well use my internet to let it pay for itself right? This kind of work is boring and too time consuming! My real job is too.  As you can see from the screenshot those particular surveys are from Cashcrate from the TopSurveys tab. There are others you can take but TopSurveys pay more. Still think it's boring? don't feel bad, I hate taking them myself. 

If this kind of work interests you or you just want to check it out click the banner below to visit Cashcrate. You get a $1.00 Sign up bonus after you confirm your membership via the email address you used to sign-up. It is free to join and sometimes boring but it pays the bills. 

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

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