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*Attention:In this guide I will walk you through step by step to get
referrals for cashcrate.
If you don't know what cashcrate is
here and then come back & follow this guide.

First you need to know what a referral link is and where it is located.

your referral link is an unique URL that cashcrate uses so they can keep track of who referred who. 
You can use your referral link and post it on your site/blog but we will talk more about 
that later on in this guide.

 Here is how to locate your referral link.

Refer others and earn cash

See where your referral link is?
*your referral link wont look exactly like the one below but to show you where it is.

Referral URL
I know that some people are thinking "why is he wasting his time, everybody already knows how to find their referral link" You would be surprised how many people that don't and if you didn't know how, well now you do!

Referral Levels Explained


Now that you know what your referral link is and how to locate it lets talk about where and how you should use it.
1. If you don't have a website or blog you should get one. Choose from the list of places to make a free site. and hit GO!
2. When creating your new blog/site one of the most important thing is giving your blog a good relevant name. 
If you were someone performing a search on google and you were looking for a way to make money online what would you type in? If I never heard of cashcrate before I surely wouldn't be typing in the search bar "how to make money with cashcrate" as an example I might type in "how to make money online"  "earn money free" or "earn free money" But these search phrases are high competitor keywords and thousands of people are doing the same thing. Google AdWords is a good place to start if you want to see what keywords have high and low competition and how many global/local searches there are for keywords.

You want to give your blog/site a good keyword phrase name that will target the audience you are after. Example: "online jobs for teens" If you gave your blog that name and someone searches 'online jobs for teens' chances are they might come across your site. But that is a high competitor key phrase too. You would have to fill your site/blog with rich unique relevant content to compete with other sites using the same keywords. So think about an audience you want to target. To be honest with you, if I created a new site right now I would make sure the name describes my blog, Make the name easy to remember for others, and make sure the blog name is the same as my domain name if I chose to get one. Sub domains are okay but when you get your blog up and going for people to see, think about purchasing a domain name.

What does all this have to do with your referral link?

Answer: Because if you have a well established website or blog that gets a lot of traffic and people start clicking your referral link, the greater the odds of you getting someone to sign up under you as a referral.

Filling your site with content. 

Fill your site with rich unique relevant content at least 1-3 times a week. Keep each article you write relevant to one topic. I will give you some examples.

  • Surveys - Write an article about "how to do surveys and get paid" switch the phrase around and use "get paid to do surveys"
  • Cash Offers - Write an article about "how to do cash offers and get paid" "Get paid to do cash offers"
  • Money - "How I make money online" or "How I got out of debt for free" or better yet.. "work from home jobs"
  • moms - "Stay at home mom of 3"  or  "work from home moms"

To Really grab your audience's attention keep your blog as real & honest as possible. People like to see pictures of real people. Let people know your real. Don't over stuff your article content with keywords, Google hates this and see's it as irrelevant information.

4. When inserting your referral link into your blogs content you should have a link at the top, middle and bottom. Some may argue about this but to me it is personal preference. Do not put your referral link in your content like this Instead create hyper links out of your words. All blog and website editors have this tool. It looks like this hyperlink icon So for example you highlight the words "surveys" click the hyperlink icon and type in your referral link. Test your links so you know they work before you publish your site.

5. Posting comments to other blogs and sites is a good way to get back links to your blog. But is also a good way to post your referral link as well. Have you ever tried to leave a comment on a wordpress site or any site that allows html in the comments box? Write nice relevant comments that relate to your blog and put your link in it. But there is already a name, email, and website field to put my information. Why do I need to put my link in the comment section too?

Answer: When you fill in your name, email and website and write your comment and click submit...your name becomes your websites link. How many people click on peoples names? Fill in all your information, and after you write your article put this in <a href="LINK_URL">LINK_TITLE</a> replace "LINK_URL" with your referral 
link or your blogs link depending on where you want to send people and replace the "LINK_TITLE" with a relevant keyword that suits your comment you just left.

6. Join traffic exchange sites and auto surfers. If you sign up for an auto surfer you add your referral link to point to cashcrate and add your url that points to your blog. Auto surfing is where you view other sites to earn hit credits or minutes and at the same time thousands of other people are viewing your sites. Depending on how popular the traffic exchange site is you joined depends on the traffic you might receive. I wont be listing any traffic exchange sites on this page. You can easily find them by doing a Google search. Find one you like and try it out. If it doesn't suit your needs try another one.

7. Going back to where you found your cashcrate referral link, if you scroll down more you will see the Click the PROMOTE YOURSELF button

promote yourself button
There you will find your referral earnings banner, regular banners with different sizes. A QR code used by smart phones that you can use on fliers. And then there is the join widget. 

When copying and pasting your banners keep in mind that you should use your websites html editor never paste directly into a visual editor unless the visual editor supports it.

8. Be active in more than one forum. Joining other similar forums that involve 'get paid to' sites is a hell of a way to share your referral link by putting it into your signature or appropriate place of nature. Make sure to follow that forums rules so you don't get slammed with a spam badge and kicked out the door. And if you do get kicked out the door don't bother signing back up on the same forum because they know your ip address and know its you. Be active and join normal conversations that interest you, before you know it others will recognize you as a regular.

Here are some More articles I wrote that will help you. 

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Do you need a flyer template to use to help spread the word about your site and cashcrate? Look no further! I have made one for you to use. Just edit it in your favorite graphics editor and print it out!

Cashcrate flyer2 Cashcrate Flyer3

Cashcrate flyer4
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