Cashcrate has announced another great contest.  
The January Bronze Member Referral Contest!

This gives every Bronze member a chance who has 49 referrals or less or who hasn't earned $500.00 yet eligible to participate.
This will give every Bronze member a chance to step up their game and refer more people to cashcrate.
The contest is really simple, Bronze Members who refer the most active referrals win a cash prize. Not only do they win a prize but on top of that
their referrals will make them money to. This is why it might be a good idea for you to start learning about the referral program and how it works.
To see how the referral program works click on the link. Cashcrate Referrals Guide.

What a way to kick off the new year! 
there are 25 cash prizes with first prize starting out at a whopping $100 bucks! 2nd prize: $75.00 bucks! 3rd prize: $50.00 bucks! 
To see the list of prizes click here.

I am willing to bend over backwards and help anyone out who wants to try and win a prize in this contest. Whether you are a cashcrate member or not.
Why? Because I am a nice guy and I am trying to build a reputation around ethical standards which I believe will have a better turn out rate in my success to making money online. Everyone is motivated by money. But most people I know are motivated by family and friends and that is the biggest reason why I generally like to help people even if they aren't my referral. Friends and family are more important than money. Money is just an extra add on bonus :)
So if you are just finding out what cashcrate is and want to jump into this contest sign up under me by clicking my banner below and let me be your referrer. I promise you no one else is going to go out of there way like I do to help. That is why I created this website to give the best cashcrate tips and referral help online. I have a forum for those who wish to register on my site to get one on one discussions with whatever questions you might have.

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