Write For Us

The Cashcrate Tips website wants to give everyone the opportunity to Write For Us. 

You can choose between the two options below that best meets your criteria. The two options offered below have their own set of rules and guide lines.

Option 1: Write about Cashcrate to promote your referral link/banner

Sharing your Articles on our site gives you a great opportunity to plug in your referral link and get a back link to your own site. This is a golden opportunity for you to gain back links to your website and another way to get your own referrals. Write your articles with unique relevance. Using just the right keywords will get your article read by others and hopefully get you a few extra referrals. I would suggest using these keywords or keyword phrases in your blog articles. (cashcrate, get paid to, surveys, online surveys and offers, earn extra cash) We will ad keywords like these in the tag section of the blog entry form for you as an extra bonus. We will also add your 468x60 referral banner to our Banner rotator!

Cashcrate Tips will not be Pre Approving any articles submitted. You have total control to use the [add new entry] button and have your blog article displayed in the Blog section of our website. Our blog editor has a bbcodes panel. Fully customizable features for writing and showing off articles.

Just follow the below requirements and you can be on your way to get your own backlinks and referral links. 

Requirements - 

  • Must be a member of Cashcrate. If not click here to sign-up.

  • Blog article's must be Cashcrate related. Share your experiences & knowledge. Have fun, be creative. 

  • Use The keywords (get paid to, surveys, cashcrate or any 3 mentioned above) somewhere in your article. Try not to repeat any keywords more than 3 times.

  • You can have one backlink to your cashcrate related site if you have one, and have your CashCrate referral link, and 468x60 banner  displayed inside your blog article. If you decide to put your banner in a blog article copy the BBcode for the banner, NOT the html code.

  • Articles must be unique and original. Not copied from any other site. Articles will be ran through copyscape after submitted.

  • Article length is up to you. But the minimum word count must be 250.

Visit the Blog section today and share your articles now!

Tip 1. The more articles you write for us, the more backlinks & Referral links you get!

The blog editor does have html, but only for myself. If you want, you can send me a PM through CC if you wish to  put your own facebook like button or twitter button inside the blog article you written. Just send me the codes to help promote your article. Another way to boost your views. If you are having trouble with anything else just send me a PM or email me at jehobith@cashcratetips.us

How do I know you won't change my referral ID to yours?

This is a great question and it is one that I have asked other members before. What I get in return is content for this site and I'm not going to scoop to lower level and do that to a fellow member. You can always right click on your blog article and click "view page source" and if you look hard enough at the coding you will see that your referral ID is there and not changed.

Option 2: Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on our site allows you to reach your audience and get backlinks to your own website as long as you follow our rules and guidelines. If you have any questions about your article being published you can email me at jehobith@cashcratetips.us  Ideas to the rules and guidelines are more than welcome to be shared with me as I am fairly new to this. Hey, atleast I am honest right?

Rules & Guidelines

Our site only accepts unique, relevant, non-published articles. If you think you can fool us by submitting an article already posted on another site, your IP will be blocked. We have ways to detect if the content is unique and original.

  • If you publish your article on our site; DO NOT publish it on others sites. This will create problems for us and you which will result in deleting your article and blacklisting you from our site.

  • Credit will be given to you the "author" within the article. We Ping new blog articles after they are published.

  • Articles must be related to money, making money online, work online from home, ect. Money in general.

  • Affiliate links or referral links to other get paid to sites, paid to click, or any money making opportunities sites are NOT allowed. You May add one backlink to your own site or blog but no links leading people to sites that require them to sign up to make money.

  • We will NOT accept articles that look like advertisements or spam!

  • Article word count should be 500-600 words. 500 is the minimum and anything over that is more than welcome.

  • Submitted articles may be edited to correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar. To also format it to appropriately to look right on our site. Any other editing that is needed we will contact you and ask for your permission.

What we genuinely are looking for 

What we are looking for consist of Original, unique, relevant content. Here are some ideas you can base your ideas off from.

  • make money online
  • how to save money
  • money to pay bills
  • teens wanting money 
  • moms who work from home
  • your thoughts on money
  • money saving tips
  • work from home/at home
If you feel this is right for you and you meet all of the above criteria, feel free to email me at jehobith@cashcratetips.us