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Cashcrate logo
Today I decided to come up with my own custom logo's for Cashcrate. I won't lie, I have used Google to search for a cashcrate logo but it just did not fit well within my site. 

This is the first one I designed.

I used some over lays in the design to give the wood a natural look with gradient two color tones of green as you can see. The font I used in this logo is Rockwell. I am pretty sure it is the same font used in the official cashcrate logo.

The second design.

This one is the same as the first design except the top and bottom boards are shorter in width to better replicate the official cashcrate logo. Using the same rockwell font described above.

The third design.

This cashcrate logo is a bit larger than the other logos but has a more grainier look and feel to it with darker tones of green that makes the the letters stand out more. I think this is my favorite one so far. Again this uses the rockwell font.

The fourth design.

In this logo I got tired of messing with green on top of green tones so I switched it up with light brown colors to get a more realistic wood look. I was going to throw this one out because I don't personally have a use for it but I know someone out there is going to want to use it. Lucky for you it is here in the collection. Same rockwell font.

If you have a website or blog that is cashcrate related and you want to use these logos, you have my permission to do so. After all you are a member of cashcrate I assume and so we are fellow members of a great company that gives us the best opportunity to make money online.

If you do use any of these logos feel free to leave a comment and your website/blog URL so I can see them in action. I don't mind. Thank you for taking the time to read this helpful post. If you want to join Cashcrate and would like to start up a website or blog like this one or similar click the banner below to get started and come back here for more help. This is the best way to make money by having a site like this and spreading the wonderful word about cashcrate.

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