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Completing Surveys
How many of you have got pissed off and really frustrated because you spend 30 minutes or more on a daily survey and you get this message?

I receive this message many times when I try to qualify for a Daily Survey and about after
the 4th or 5th time I give up. Some people think these surveys are a waste of time simply because they never qualify. After getting used to these surveys and learning what to look for, I quickly figured out how to qualify on most of them.

Lets talk about Demographics. What is demographics?
Demographics is data collected from a population such as Race, Age, Education Level, Relationship Status, Employment Status, How much money you gross annually, Birthday,
Gender, ect.

We all have seen these types of questions when filling out Surveys.

Some questions they ask is: 
Do you or anyone in your household work in the following fields?

Answer this question honestly. Most people just think about themselves and don't bother to think that "wait, my uncle jimmy works in the automotive industry" or 
"my daughter in law works in retail"

Keep all your family members in mind and what occupation category they may fall in.

Are you Hispanic or Latino?
Lets be honest here, if you are not Hispanic or Latino DO NOT say that you are.

How many Children live in your home?
Again..be honest, There is a reason why Surveys ask questions like this. The particular survey may be looking for a specific answer and if you are not honest it really defeats the purpose of doing the survey as you are wasting your time and the advertiser's time.

What to consider when you do qualify for a survey.

Most surveys have controlled questions. These are questions that look the same but worded differently and if you put the wrong answer in it will disqualify you.

Some might ask you to put a specific answer in to make sure you are paying attention and not just rushing through it. Ex: "what day comes after Monday? obvious answer.

If you are required to watch a video and the question is about what did you see and hear in the video. If you heard a dog barking it would obviously be a barking dog. You have to pay attention these tricky questions. Well, they are not really tricky. They just want to see if you are serious enough to give your up most attention. 

The best time to take a survey is when you are not distracted and your kids are in bed or its just plain quiet. If you don't qualify for a survey you can keep trying until you had enough, come back and try again when you are less frustrated. I don't know how many times I have had to do this. You will know when you are almost done with the survey. They have a percentage bar most of the time at the top corner to let you know of your progress.

When you reach the end of the survey it will show a thank you page or a congratulations page. I usually leave that page open for a few minutes and then close it out. Give it time and you will get credit for the survey you completed.

Keep a text file or a notepad handy so you can write down what time you finished the survey. You are only aloud to complete each given survey every 24 hours. This way you will know when you will be able to complete the same survey again. Depending on how many surveys you have, You could make an easy 10.00 dollars a day if you qualify and pass each survey. 

"The key to success is not giving up"

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