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Stop wasting your money!
If you are like me you most likely have searched "how to make money online" "free ways to make money online" or even "how to make money with no risk"

We all have most likely been to a website where we are forced to watch a video and the guy goes on and on on about how he is able to buy expensive cars, boats,  a 500,000 dollar house. Then goes on about how he tells you not to trust the other "gurus" out there because they are scammers when he is scamming you in the long run.

After about 15 minutes into the video a magical link appears for you to put in your best email address. Sure it sounds so good so you put in your email address and hit enter and it takes you to another site with another video with the same guy who promised to tell you all the secrets to his success that now you have to PAY for his secret E-Book or pay a subscription to have access to the secret money making system.

What makes me laugh the most about these kind of affiliate gurus is the fact they make you believe that they are truly trying to help you financially and make all your dreams come true.

or the phrase "never wake up to your alarm clock again!"

Wake up people its time you know the truth about making money online.

There is no set and forget or put a website on auto pilot and to look at your earnings the next day and find that you made over a thousand dollars while you were sleeping.

Affiliate marketing is all about getting referrals and these referrals are the people who sign up and pay for the crap these gurus promised. Another success for the guru because he just talked someone into paying him for bogus lies and he now has one more referral under him that whom he hopes will go out and get there own referrals and sell those people the same crap so he can make twice as much money off that one referral.

This wouldn't be so bad if the programs, E-Books, software or information the guy was selling actually WORKED!


Don't ever invest money into these bogus offers. Don't ever let anyone charge you fees or charge your credit card. Even if it sounds too good to be true Don't do it.

Whether it is on the internet or out in the real world you have to work for your money. The internet is full of bullshit. When looking for "how to make money online" its like literally stepping in a pile of dog  shit.

Lucky for you I keep my yard free of dog shit and I apologize if you don't like my analogies.

Is it possible that there are such programs out there making people millions of dollars?

Yea sure it is possible but do you honestly believe any of these people are going to let you in on there secrets? No. They will try selling a fake auto pilot program so they can make even more money.

If you ever been through all this before and have been made promise after promise I bet you have failed every time. It's about time you stop wasting your money. Stop throwing your money away on these bull shit affiliate marketing scams.

If you want to make free money online and never spend a dime there are places you can do this for free on the internet. Will you have to do actual work? Yes, you will have to do some actual work, just like in the real world you can't expect to do nothing at your job and get paid for it and if you do, either you won't last long at your job or your in a higher position to where you can get away with it. Good for you.

So how do I make money online without spending a dime?

The answer is Get paid to or GPT 

Cashcrate is a get paid to site that pays its 4,000,000 million+ members each month on time for filling out surveys and cash offers. Cashcrate is the only get paid to site I have found that actually works. They never ask you for any money. It is free to sign up and they don't feed you a line of bs. It is straight forward work. 

You sign up, go to to your email address you used to sign up with. Find the confirmation email cashcrate sent you. Now you just earned 1.00 dollar for free just by signing up!

How is that for free money in your pocket? But you have to make 20.00 dollars before you can cash out and get a check. It's only 19.00 more dollars to go. You have to work for it by doing the free offers and surveys available to you on the site. If you give up and still think you can find a better way of making free money online good luck to you.

By the time you actually find a way to make free money online that requires absolutely no work involved, I will have made another 20.00 dollars or more on cashcrate.

The more you do the more you get paid, If your not lazy and like to work you are going to make some descent money completing the survey and offers.
Cashcrate has free offers, bonus offers, trial offers ect.

Trial offers pay more because these kind of offers do require you to use a credit card.
For example. I used my credit card to sign up for a trial offer on Netflix. We all know what Netflix is and it is a trusted company. So yes, being a trusted company I went through with this offer and signed up for the trial offer because not only was I able to cancel my trial offer and get my money back, I also got paid 10.00 dollars from cashcrate for completing the offer. It takes 1-2 weeks to get paid from cashcrate for the trial offers. Reason is because they want to make sure you genuinely took interest in the offer.

The free offers are exactly what they say. You click on a free offer from the list of "free offers" Don't click on the submit button but the actual link of the offer. Also under the link of that offer is usually a description of what the offer requires you to do so that you get paid.

If you want to read more about how to complete offers and surveys you can visit my "Click for Tips page"

If you are interested in joining Cashcrate click the banner below and you will be on your way to making money online the legit way.
Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

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