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Tips to get your site noticed.
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The best way to get your site noticed is SEO (search engine optimization) having good quality back links, Using good quality keywords, Getting back links on page rank 1-3 sites. Using social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter can also get your site noticed quickly because they are leading authority sites.

Tip 1: Article writing gives your site fresh content and with fresh new content added to your web site 1-3 times a week will help get your site ranked. The more relevant your site is the higher it will rank in Google.
Some sites like mine offer you to blog on sites that will allow you to put a backlink and referral link inside your articles. See Write For Us for more details.

Tip 2: Increase your sites rank can be a challenge but did you know you can easily rank higher by having higher quality ranked sites link back to your site or pages?

Tip 3: This tip sort of goes with Tip 2. Joining forums that rank high in Google can be very rewarding as long as you don't spam or break any forum rules when you join. Most forums have a 'edit signature' option where you can put your websites link. Your signature will show up at the bottom of each post or reply you make on forums. Again, Don't spam.

Tip 4: If you enjoy reading other blogs online that are relevant to your site, you should participate and leave meaning full, honest comments. Most of which you can insert your link back to your site in return.

Tip 5: Sign up for Google Web Master Tools. Submit your site to Google http://www.google.com/submityourcontent/. Yahoo and other major search engines. Google Webmaster tools is exactly what it is, A mechanic wouldn't work on a car without his tools would he? Don't work on your site without Google Web Master tools. It is very important to use it.

Tip 6: Stay away from using flash in your site, Even though it looks fancy you enjoy using it or it contains an awesome feature for your members, Don't use it. Search engine spiders see your site as .txt and will most likely have trouble crawling your site. It also helps if your site loads fast so don't over due it with features, Keep it relevant.

Tip 7: Keep your site optimal for your users experience. Do you want people visiting your site that looks like a rainbow? Use a simple color scheme. If your site is about "cars" be more specific with what cars, make, model, ect. Don't talk about cupcakes and baking products.

Tip 8: Traffic exchanges are ok to use if you want to get your site noticed. They come in two forms. Auto-Surf and Manual-Surf. I prefer Auto-Surf so I don't have to keep clicking a number or letter to view the next site when the timer runs out. If you submit your site to a free traffic exchange you usually have a ratio that follows. 1:1 or 1:3. Meaning you have to view one site for a period of time to receive one credit. Or you have to view 3 sites for a period of time to receive one credit. I personally like to view sites on auto surf so I don't have to worry about the ratio and just sit back and collect my hit credits and use them for my site's exposure.

Traffic exchanges allow you to boost your sites hits. Google calls them "Impressions" and really have no affect on getting your site ranked higher. First comes the "Impression" when someone views your site, like when you submit your site to a traffic exchange and the person Surfing comes across your site, You just received an "Impression" If that Someone "Clicks" on your site that is what really counts when it comes to Traffic exchange.

I will keep this article open for comments but keep in mind that these tips are from my own personal experience and knowledge I gained through Google. I will most likely come back to this and add more tips as I learn more.

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